“Every Christmas I  order about 25 of her apple and sweet potato pies to give as gifts…Now it’s a tradition!”  -Fashion Doyenne Audrey Smaltz

“For over 40 years I’ve traveled the world and visited some of its most fashionable sites: but I’ve NEVER tasted anything like Vivianne’s sweet potato pie. Every Christmas I now order about 25 of her apple and sweet potato pies to give as gifts to my doctor, banker, accountants, and fashion staff: and they can’t wait to get them.  Now it’s a tradition!”
-Fashion Doyenne Audrey Smaltz

“Vivianne’s pies are amazing! You can’t just have one piece. From the moment you taste her pies it’s over: because you want more. It’s a perfect balance of flavors. Scrumptious!!!”
–Shirley Carter

“Vivianne is an exemplar in pie-making, having mastered the art of making light, flaky, and delicious crusts together with natural ingredient fillings that conjure up the ultimate in flavor, texture, and umami. Our favorite is her sweet potato pie.”
–James Jackson and Sylvia McBurnie

“An exemplar in pie-making…the ultimate in flavor, texture, and umami” –James Jackson and Sylvia McBurnie

“When you don’t want to just be teased, go for one of Viv’s pastries!” 👌
-Eddie Jackson

“We had Pastry by Vivianne’s pies, cobbler, and bread pudding for the first time during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. At first bite, we realized we could have eaten only her pastries all day. Sooooo satisfying and delectable; a cacophony of flavors. There’s absolutely nothing like them: an absolute must-have!”
-Robert and Karen Lascaris

“D.A.M.N!! Boyyy…Your wife did it again!  That pie is slammin’.  I had to leave the room so I wouldn’t have another slice!”
-Dewayne Broadnex

“Soooooooooo good… The pie was slamming!!!”
-Singer Chase Greye


“What a huge hit your sweet potato pie was at Christmas dinner.  Even when the dessert was finished, we and our guests kept raving about it. Thank you!!!”                                         – Christina

“I bought extra Pastry by Vivianne pies at Thanksgiving time to freeze and save for Christmas dessert. I just kept each pie in its original box, then covered each with a plastic bag before freezing. The pies that I froze were just as good as the day I bought them!”        – Gwendolyn D. Pugh